Password Page

This is the password page for all of the Mature stories on my site. In order to access them, you must find the password in the short paragraphs below. I’ll even italicize it for you, so please be sure to pay attention. Remember that the password does not have spaces (in case it’s multiple words). In other words, a password like –Ranger the bloodhound- will be rangerthebloodhound.

I will add to this as more mature rated stories come to rest upon my site. 🙂

The Scent of Strawberry: Do you have a favorite scent? Or maybe you like a certain flavor of candy, soda, etc. Well, in this story, we meet Lila, a young wolf with an insatiable love for anything containing strawberry cream, and Ace, a ghost whose story is unknown to everyone. When they meet in an old storage room, strange things unfurl.

Detention: I am a huge Harry Potter fan. One of my favorite characters is most definitely Draco Malfoy. I love the actor Tom Felton so much, that I decided to use his character in a story. At first I wasn’t sure if he should be overly cruel or more of the sex god that everyone seems to portray him as. It was a bit soft core, but I think it was a good start. Don’t you?

Obedience: What is your favorite dog? The person who suggested this story was a big fan of bloodhounds and little known dogs. He suggested that we have a character named Ranger the Bloodhound, who accidentally got caught up in a few unfortunate mishaps. Oh well, if you want to know how it happens, you’ll have to look carefully here. 🙂

Summer Fever: I’m also a semi large fan of the Vocaloids. They are such interesting characters, so what better way to depict them than during the summer. What is your favorite thing to do during the summer? When it’s just hot enough, I love to go swimming and play beach volleyball. If it’s a bit too hot, I’m simply happy sitting in the shadow, sipping iced tea or lemonade.

Whipped!: Maybe you’re just a kinky person with a love of whips and chains. Or perhaps you are more subtle about it and only really like a handcuff date here or there. Is it really too much to ask when it comes to spicing up your sex life? I don’t think so…unless your partner has some of those crazy weird fetishes. If that’s the case, then run for the hills!


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