These are some of the questions that are commonly asked. If your question is not up here, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. This will be added to as more questions come up.

I have a request. What should I send you?
When you have a request for a story that you want written, what you send in differs and depends on what you want written. If you want a fan fiction story, then you must send me the character(s) that you want in the story and the series they are from (in case I am not familiar with it). If you want a furry story, you don’t necessarily have to have a character, but if you have an idea of what type of character you’d like or you know what he/she/it would look like, then that works as well. Also, if you have a plot, then that would be awesome.

I want a story but don’t have a plot in mind.
You don’t have to have a plot in order to request a story. If you want to request a story and then tell me the vague basics of what you’d like in it, I’m sure I can come up with some underlying background to bring it all together.

We talked about the commission I sent in. When should I expect a rough draft?
(With the exception of life, college, homework and other things) Depending on how fast correspondence occurs and how much detail I have, I should be able to get a rough draft to you within a few days (3 to 5 days) after we settle the conversation.

I loved the draft, but want to change a few things. Is that okay?
Definitely. Remember, I’m writing this for you. If you want to make a few changes, as long as it isn’t the entire story, then that is fine with me.

I submitted an idea/request/commission a while back. Why have I not heard anything about it?
You’re going to have to forgive me if it takes a little while. I am a full time college student, but I try my best to keep everything up to date so that no one feels left out. However, please keep in mind that paid commissions will be done before free or artwork commissions.

Can you post this story somewhere else like Fanfiction.net or SoFurry?
Sure. I’ll just tag you there and place the link to it here on my blog to make it easier.

Where can I find my story if it’s not allowed on the site I’m on?
You can find it here. There will hopefully be a page up soon that has links or are direct links to the stories that you want to read.

What do you write?
I’ll write anything from fairy tales to erotica. I can do first person, third person, or perspectives (POV). I can write for all age groups.

Why can’t  I get into the MA (18+) story I want to read?
Any stories that are MA (18+) will be password protected.

What are your limits when it comes to writing?
I really don’t have many limits when it comes to writing. I refuse to write any stories involving children (in sexual situations) and certain fetishes (if that’s your thing), i.e. scat. But other than the few, no worries.

What does $$$ mean?
This means that the following commission is only for sale or need to be paid for in some way. Refer to the below question if you don’t have any money.

I want a story but don’t have money to pay for it.
Don’t let this bother you. I sometimes will do a request for free if I think it sounds interesting enough or I accept artwork in return for a story. 🙂

If you wish to pay in money, please keep in mind that there are two/three payment methods:
UpFront – 
If you choose this, I will give you a flat rate. From that, I expect my payment after notes have been written. Your story shall not have any work done on it until payment has been received and duly noted.
Half-n-Half – This payment method is as its name suggests. You pay me half before I begin working on your story and upon completion, pay me the rest.
Afterwards – As much as I would love to believe that everyone will pay after their work has been done, I have to admit that these are the people who flake the most. If you are going to choose this one (I rarely accept these), please submit your payment within a reasonable amount of days after completion.

What types of payment do you accept?
I’m hoping to expand on this list soon but as it currently stands, I accept payment via the services below:
Amazon Gift Card
Trade (Artwork for Story)
Points on DA (If you’re into that)

This will be updated as more things come into play. 🙂


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