I’d really like to put out there that this has been going exceptionally well lately 🙂 This makes me SO happy. I had a wonderful icon done by Ketzio11 who is totally cute by the way! You should definitely go check her out! I’ll post her links at the bottom of this post when I’m done 😀

I have got the plot for one of the deadline commission done and half of the plot written for one of the paid ones. 🙂 I’m really excited because I keep getting such interesting plots and some really fun people! I really hope that this continues to work out so well. I don’t expect to be exceptionally busy this weekend which should allow time for some serious writing.

If that works out, I very well may have a couple of snippets for you all and maybe even a new story! If any of you are interested, I’d really love to do a couple of Halloween stories, though it seems that no one is really…into the Halloween spirit yet. I might have to go ahead and do this myself.

On my agenda for the here and now, I have two stories in progress, two small snippets to keep everyone entertained, and possibly a couple of cute stories. Oh, and I’m entering my first contest ever on DA. (Exciiiiitement!) I really want to do a cute one with Ace and Lila. But I’m really in the ghosts & witches mode. So I will definitely try to load some good stuff onto all of you this coming weekend. 🙂 If I can that is. So there is something for everyone to look forward to!

Until then, au revoir!

And the links to Ketzio’s pages are: