I’d like to thank everyone who has submitted a request, whether paid or free. I can assure that I am working on them all as quickly as I can. I’m sorry for the wait but for those of you with deadlines, yours will be sent to you ahead of time 🙂 The rest, I’m trying to reel them out as quickly as possible.

For those who have paid or plan on paying, thank you for your patience and cooperation. I look forward to servicing you again. To those who have flaked on their payments, I’m sorry that you didn’t feel the need to follow through on your end of the deal.

Also, to those who would like to read the few stories I have up here, I will be putting up a password page. The words to open the stories are going to be in bold, so make sure you read carefully or at least skim well xD

I’ll even be adding another story up here soon that was posted last night. So this is an update of many too come. Thank you all again! 🙂